Sunday, 30 September 2012

Scrap Vomit redux

Yep, I've done another one as I have a whole box of 2.5" squares.  It I have a small piece of fabric, then if I can get a square out of it, then I do. As a result, I have this shoe box full of little squares.  Perfect for swaps but even better for my own use.

Katy started all of this with Scrap Vomit  and keeps leading me (and a lot of other people) astray. Not that I mind as I usually end up learning something.  Quite often I have to sit on my hands when she proposes another quilt-a-long. because I know I will be cheerfully joining in without thinking things though unless I stop and think about the logisitics!

So here is Scrap Vomit Redux - all 80" and 1600 pieces of it.  There are even two scowly faces from Tula Pink's Nightshade Cameo prints.  There are bits of everything in here from all sorts of manufacturers.

Having learnt from version one, this one was made slightly differently and with more pins. Also the pieces were more evenly cut this time so actual construction was a great deal more accurate and a lot easier than version one.  There are some tiny scraps from cherished fabrics that have come in scrap bags from others. Examples are the teeny bits of From Little Things and the single piece of Sis Boom fabric that was not withheld for other things.

For now, it is sitting in the filing cabinet maturing and awaiting the monies for wadding and backing with several others.

Scrap Vomit 1 - fully finished and gifted

Well, I've finally finished another quilt.  Finished as in ready to use and be snuggled under. Even down to the hand finished binding. Here is my original Scrap Vomit in brown batiks with green, pink and white solids.

This one got a really simple finish because it is meant to be used on the sofa downstairs.  It has a turquoise and pink pieced fleece backing as the flippin' fleece only comes in 60" widths and this finished at 64"!

It has a scarlet binding to add to the wild colour combination making it absolutely unique. One of a kind and it is already loved and used.  In fact it's currently on the sofa awaiting it's owner for a nap.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

A little of what I've been up to since July

Well the answer to the post title is actually quite a lot.  While I'm still hung up on the projects I'm really wanting to do due mainly to lack of funds, I'm busy doing little bits and problem solving.  

 I took part in a Fat Quarterly magazine Designer Challenge in August and the results  have been featured on their blog just before the Festival of Quilts.  It was to showcase Nel Whatmore's new range for Free Spirit called Katherine's Wheel.  There is a third project I made that didn't feature on the blog post that was a fabric embellishment piece that is now with Katy of Monkey Do because she loved it from when I started it.  I started because I was bored with my normal stitching and loved the Spiral fabric.  As I have a large amount of 'leftover' specialist threads, I set to to see what could be done.  With the aid of Perle Cotton 5, stranded cotton, rayon, beads and crystals, it actually turned out really well.  I must look out Katy's instagram of the finished piece........

I'm currently finishing the binding on Jo's belated birthday present.  I've mislaid my lovely leather thimble so I've got a very sore finger from pushing the needle. I'm working on another huge Scrap Vomit and it's got 17 of the 25 blocks needed to complete it.  My seaming is getting better, even if my cutting is still erratic.

I've done another Designer Challenge piece for Fat Quarterly but I can't show that yet.  

I've got a ton of planned quilts in my head and none of the right fabric to do them.  The Sis Boom Pickle Dish quilt being case in point. All I can say of that is that I need to get some scrap packs soon to start it.  
There is also a plan to do Jaybird Quilts Chopsticks but I need both the ruler and the pattern!

On the days I've not been sewing, I've been planning and working on ideas for projects,  It's gradually getting easier but I have to work with my depression and some days, nothing goes right.  

That's enough for now but there are some spectacular finishes to come soon, I promise and with photographs!