Saturday, 7 January 2012

Welcome to my new, standalone quilting blog.  As this is fast becoming somewhere between an obsession and a fetish it really needs a self-contained home so I don't keep boring the stitchers!

I love Modern Quilting, bright colours, a bit of whimsy and uneven seams.  I dislike repro, brown and florals.  Sorry but that's just me.  I like structural prints, large scale, maps, graphics and damasks.  I'm having a bit of a thing about two colour prints at the minute.  I'm not really into cute or kiddie prints either.

I'm also not very good about reading instructions - my brain gets confused very easily.  It also misinterprets what it sees due to my ME/CFS so I have to read, re-read and then get a cup of coffee.  After that, I usually have a decent idea of what to do and if all else fails, there's usually a friend to help.

That's about it really - watch what happens next with WIP's, BOM's and bizarre incidents!

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