Sunday, 19 February 2012

February already?

Where has the month gone?  Honestly, I lose so much time these days its really quite worrying.

That said I appear to have lurked quite a bit in the witch cave aka my workroom.  I'm in here now with my dog guarding the door, snoring loudly.

So what has been in my sewing machine (and under my seam ripper) in the last few weeks.

1. Scrap Vomit from Katy's tutorial here Sorry but it is properly called Technicolour Yawn but Scrap Vomit has stuck from the outset.
This is the layout on the spare bedroom floor and it was instantly claimed by Vicky! I have three blocks to complete but I'm waiting on some Klona Pomegranate squares to finish.  These are coming via The Fairy Quiltmothers up North and then I can get on and assemble the top.  It's made from two Fabric Freedom  noodles in Chocolate Candies.  Basically it'sblue pink and green splodges. with brown.  Lots and lots of brown.  I don't really like brown so what was I thinking but it actually looks ok.  I teamed it with white, pomegranate and a Sentimental Studios green print I had that passes for a solid.

2. California Dreamin' which is a free design from free Spirit that does with Jenean Morrison's gorgeous fabric of the same name. I efll in love with both the pattern and the fabric in May 2010 while in Holland and it's taken this long to sort out the finances.  I like a challenge and decided to teach myself foundation paper piecing for Christmas!  I got most of the fabric before the holidays so went ahead and cut out what I could. I also pieced what I could.  Lets say my best friend for the duration has been my seam ripper as mistakes came thick and fast! I also have to say a huge thank you to Sarah of  Sew Me Happy for being one of my Fairy Quiltmothers and letting me get that centre medallion completed.

Here is where I am presently as I am waiting on one piece of orange Santa Rosa to arrive from the USA which my friend Jenna of Sew Happy Geek appealed for on my behalf. again a huge thank you to Jenna!  I must admit that I absolutely love this piece and I actually like FPP.  Perhaps I should start a New York beauty quilt or join the QAL being run here by Sara of Sew Sweetness?

3. Workroom organisation  I am fed up with the mess on my table top.  It's normally covered in mess and it's really bugging me .  This is the one room in the house that is organised (its a standing joke) and I can find anything I'm looking for quickly. I know I should be embarrassed but I'm not.  Well apart from the floor which is covered in orts and chewed cardboard but that doesn't count!

I go so fed up and made this little fabric basket this week to contain the crap  useful items on the tabletop.  I was given two Moda Scrap Bags from Cross Patch for my 2010 birthday - one was Me and my Sister Sprint Fever which go included in this and the other is Bonnie and Camille Simple Abundance.  Not my choice as it has Brown in it which is why it has taken so long to decide what to do with it.

The pattern is from Ayumi of Pink Penguin and easily accomodates pens, cutters, ruler, scissors, unfinished blocks etc.  Quick to sew and very useful.  I have managed not to lose my seam ripper since its arrival!

Following on from this, I made a bigger one for the coffee table which is often covered by my crap sewing bits and medications.  This was made by some of the offcuts from the California Dreamin' quilt above.  It's taller, wider and holds loads more junk  essentials than the little one. that's and A5 notebook in there and an entire sewing project.

Then I went a little mad and made a tall round one for the trimming and orts that keep ending up on the floor (no photo) and a sewing machine mat which needs binding. these two are also from the Scrap Brag.  I've also started to make a sewing machine cover as my machine lives out all the time but I have no wadding so its ground to a halt for a bit.  Again this is from the last of the Scrap Bag.

The only other thing sewn was a new dog bed - Phoebe's beloved dog duvet she's had since she was a little puppy got ripped last year and it has been constantly belching stuffing all over the living room floor ever since.  It was possibly the easiest project ever - start to finish in an hour.  It's been a bit hit ever since. I shall photograph it for next time.

Farewell for now and lets see what the next month will bring


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