Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Missed it Monday - Plume by Tula Pink

The aim of these postings are to document the fabric collections I have missed out on in recent years.

The first up has to be Plume by Tula Pink for Moda.  All images are from TulaPink.com

I love all Tula's fabrics.  I fell in love with Neptune and managed to get a jelly roll and a layer cake and made a quilt top.  I also have a little lap quilt from Hushabye.  I really did manage to miss out on Flutterby, Full Moon Forest and Nest completely.  I have two tiny bits of Nest and some odd bits of Hushabye but nothing of note.

Plume was another I missed out on and it's really annoyed me ever since.  I loved the swans
I truly loved the key tree
Then there are the birds
And the feathers!

I adore Tula's fabric collections and this was her last one for Moda before her move to Free Spirit.  You can see elements of her next collection Parisville in some of the prints in Plume.  In particular the Swans remind me of the hair in Parisville.

There is always a hidden something in Tula's prints; mice bees, owls etc so her fabrics  are always so much more detailed than you first realise. Go on dive in - she is amazing!

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