Monday, 18 February 2013

Lucky fabric hoarder

Sorry everyone.  I have been finding writing any sort of words hard for months now, mainly because I lead a chaotic life and have ad quite bad depression.  Enough of that - that's not why you are here.

I love my fabric and have been quite incredibly lucky recently.  I've won two layer cakes: California Girl by Fig Tree Quilts from Simply Solids and Summersville Spring by Lucie Summers, and been gifted a third Sunkissed but Sweetwater from Amanda as part of her PIF plan.

This is the Sunkissed made up to GoGoKim's pattern Happy Weekender on Moda Bake Shop

I have another pile of fabric left from this quilt and I'm working towards finding a pattern or design to show the remaining fabric off and I'm loving choosing solids to match.

California Girl was made up using the Little Apples Quilt pattern from the main Moda website The finished top is on Flickr here .  I can't get the image to load so have to link it.  The original image is on my other laptop and I can't face the faffing about to find it!

The Summersville Spring Layer Cake is a work in progress but it I need to feed it more white before I can show the finished article.

I also won a bundle of fabric earlier in the year from Pink Castle Fabrics.  It is Hope Chest by Josephine Kimberling for Blend Fabrics. I'm liking the handle of Blend Fabric very much.  Soft. even and very easy to sew with.  I mixed in the fabrics with the remainder of the Swanky jelly roll I've had for ages and turned it into a prairie braid quilt top.  The colours go together well; better than I hoped in fact.  I need to trim the the top and finish this one quickly now as I have the perfect person to gift it to!

What else....... I was running very low on scraps and trying to avoid cutting my limited stash.  Then two of my Fairy Quiltmothers came to my rescue.  January saw the arrival of two huge boxes of scraps from Lynne and Brioni.  That was such fun to sort though and begin to work with.  Scrap Vomit 3 is well underway now with enough strips of squares ready to build a quilt 64" square.  When I get bored, I just come and sew squares together.

That's about it from here.  I have a pile of ideas for this super scrappy year. Can't wait to have some fun.

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