Sunday, 24 March 2013

10 things I desperately need

This is simply my list of things I need to buy in the very near future to be able to quilt properly. It is simply a memory aid for me

1/4" foot,  Completely fed up with guessing seam and never getting them accurate. It's just a standard low shank foot, nothing special

Free Motion Quilting foot. I really want to get away from only straight line quilting and add some detail and texture

Bobbins.  21x7mm bobbins, plastic or metal.  I work with a single bobbin as it is so more would be pretty wonderful

2m Klona white cotton  Ran out part of the way through my Summersville Spring project and I need enough to do Ryan's quilt.

Thread. An ongoing problem.  I want to move to using decent thread but at present can't afford to.  Even Coats Moon for piecing is better than nothing but using decent stuff for the final quilting would be nice.

Quilters Muslin  I need to buy a lot of this for upcoming scrappy projects

Wadding I love natural fibre wadding but this beggar can't be a chooser. The polyester waddings don't shrink and remain colour fast. They are pretty much idiot proof too.

Backing fabric Pretty much the final expense on any quilt and Ikea has some excellent budget fabrics for silly prices. I also have the option of Fabricland which also has some good fabrics at really silly prices.

Laminate and fabric 1/2 yard of this and 1/2 yard of this plus hardware to finish my Weekend bag from Lisa Lam's Bag Making Bible.  This has all been cut out for months but now I can proceed further without additional fabric

Quilt Labels Now I want to do this properly - I never sign my stitching which is probably a huge mistake as my memory is so dreadful that I rely on blog posts to determine when I started/finished projects. My quilts deserve more.  I need labels. End of story. Best place to get them from is Spoonflower as a bespoke print job.

My aide-memoir is complete.



  1. Nothing beats a 1/4" foot. They make everything so much easier.

    1. I came to that conclusion a long time ago. I's so frustrating being so poor that essentials become luxuries. I've managed without one for 20 years!